Expanded Shale and Clay

Trinity Expanded Shale and Clay (ESC) produces and distributes rotary-kiln expanded shale and clay lightweight aggregates made from natural shale and clay. This building material offers excellent results in both quality and performance in a variety of engineering and horticultural projects. Product applications include highway and road surfaces, concrete bridge decks, high-rise buildings, concrete products, geotechnical applications; and for horticultural projects as a soil amendment or conditioner.

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We work closely with the Expanded Shale Clay and Slate Institute (escsi.org) and its member companies to provide educational materials and the latest information to professionals in various industries that use the product.


We begin with a raw material of shale or clay, which is quarried near the company's primary manufacturing facilities in Texas, Colorado and California. Shale and clay meeting certain specifications are excavated, crushed and screened into various sizes.


We are the largest supplier of expanded shale and clay aggregate products west of the Mississippi River.